How to create Mirrored Assemblies | PTC CREO

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How to create Mirrored Assemblies | PTC CREO

Mirrored assemblies in PTC Creo refer to creating a mirrored copy of an existing assembly or a selected portion of it. This feature allows designers to create symmetrical parts or assemblies easily without having to manually create and position identical components.

The mirrored assembly in PTC Creo will have the same features and dimensions as the original, but with the selected components mirrored. The mirrored copy is treated as a separate entity and any changes made to the original assembly will not affect the mirrored assembly, and vice versa. You can get the complete understanding of Mirrored Assemblies and other fundamentals from our PTC Creo certification courses for engineers.

In this Tech Tip, we will explain about creation of Mirrored Assemblies in PTC Creo.

Please follow below steps or refer to video to get the required result:

Step 1

Open mirrored_assembly.asm


Open mirrored assembly

Step 2
mirrored assembly_ dialog box


 Click – File > Save As > Save a Mirror Assembly to open the Mirror Assembly dialog box.



Step 3


Change the File Name as your choice.

Turn on geometry dependent in Dependency control

Then turn on Perform symmetry analysis in symmetry Analysis

Then at last, turn on Reuse symmetric comp 2onents in Options.



Step 4
mirrored assembly_steps

Click on Advanced in Mirror Assembly dialog box, to check symmetry analysis.

Step 5


Turn off Use Suffix.


Step 6


Click on OK.


Step 7


Now observe the Original Assembly and Mirrored Assembly.



original assembly and mirrored assembly

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