How To Get Ortho Views & Predefined View Indicators from View Cubes


How To Get Ortho Views & Predefined View Indicators from View Cubes

Recently we posted “How to change Display Timing and Ambient Shadow settings | PLM Tech Talk Blog” and now we are sharing two new tips from our “120 Autodesk Inventor Tips” vault.

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#21 Ortho/Perspective View from View Cube

The View Cube is a graphical feature found in Autodesk software like AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Revit that enables users to switch between various views of a 3D model or drawing. One of the view options that users can access from the View Cube is the Ortho/Perspective view.

Ortho view is a type of 2D projection that renders all lines parallel to each other, resulting in a flat, grid-like appearance. It is particularly helpful in creating technical drawings and plans, as it offers a clear and precise representation of the subject or scene. Become the master of such technical designs and plans with our Autodesk Inventor training courses.

Step 1

ortho view from view cube in Autodesk inventor

 In addition to the options for Orthographic / Perspective / Perspective with Ortho Faces found on the View tab > Appearance panel

You can also Right-Click on View Cube to select these option : Orthographic / Perspective / Perspective with Ortho Faces

Step 2

You can also access them from the Navigation Toolbar by selecting the Customize button at the bottom of the toolbar and select Projection


ortho view - navigation toolbar

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#22 View Cube Predefined View Indicator
Predefined Views

View Cube has solid edge lines

Not Predefined View

View Cube has dashed edge lines

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