How to Tool path optimization | NX 2306 CAM

Tool path Optimization NX
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How to Tool path optimization | NX 2306 CAM

Overview Tool Path Optimization NX

In this TechTip, you’ll discover Tool Path Optimization how to optimize tool paths using theCut Area” method in Siemens NX 2306. Utilizing the Cut Area feature allows for enhanced control over tool paths, eliminating the necessity to create additional geometry to guide the tool. 
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Step 1

Tool Path Optimization NX 2306
Open the part file cut_area.prt. This part already has several operations defined in Tool Path Optimization.

Step 2

Edit the operation Fixed Contour Slot and generate the operation Tool Path Optimization NX.
tool Path Optimization NX
Tool Path Optimization


Notice that the tool dips into the pocket and while this does not harm anything, other than this may break the tool and thus this is not the desired tool path.

Step 3

Tool Path Optimization
In the Fixed Contour Slot operation dialog, in the geometry tab, Click on Specify Cut Area option to display the Cut Area Dialog.

Step 4

Tool Path Optimization NX
Select the two bottom faces of the groove to be the Cut Area and click OK in Cut Area Window.

Step 5

Siemens NX 2306 Powerful cut
Generate the operation and notice that the cutter does not drop into the cutout. However, the cutter does retract where it is not necessary and this should get fixed. 

Step 6

Tool Path Optimization NX


Expand the Non-Cutting Moves tab and in the Transfer or Rapid tab, expand the Between Regions group. 
Then expand the Traverse group and here, change the Traverse Type to Direct and again generate the operation Tool Path Optimization NX.

Step 7

Tool Path Optimization NX
Now see that the cutter stays in feed mode and moves in a direct path to the next face, which is the required tool path.

Step 8

Verify the operation by specifying the Blank Geometry as shown

Tool Path Optimization NX

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