Creating Formulas to form Parametric model | CATIA V5

Parametric Model

Creating Formulas to form Parametric model | CATIA V5


In this Tech Tip, you will learn about Parametric model. How to rename the Parameters in an Existing CATIA V5 Model and Create Formulas for the same Parameters.

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Please follow the below steps to achieve the required result –

Step 1:

Open the CATIA Part named Bolt.CATPART.


Step 2:

Make sure that you are on Part design Workbench.

Select Tools | Options | Infrastructure | Part Infrastructure | Display. Activate Parameters, Relations to Display in Specification Tree. 

Step 3:

Select Tools | Formula or Select Knowledge Toolbar > select Formula.

select Formula

Step 4:

Select New Parameter of Type to add new parameterselect Length as type, Enter name as Bolt_Dia, Value as 50mm

add new parameter

Click Ok.

Step 5:

To add Relations, Select Sketch1 in the specification Tree. Right click on the Dimension as Shown select Rename Parmeter.

add Relations

Enter Parameter name as Hex_length, Right click on the value select Edit Formula.

select Edit Formula

Edit formula as Bolt_Dia*1.2 and Click Ok to create Relation.

Edit formula

Notice that Formula.1 has been created and displayed in the specification tree.


Step 6:

Click on Update icon to update the parameter value.

update icon

Step 7:

Similarly change the name for remaining parameters and adding formulas.

For Pad.1 rename as Pad, Formula as 0.7*Bolt_Dia

rename parameters and add formulas.

Step 8:

Click on Sketch.4 under Shaft.1, Right click on the Dimension Rename Parameter as shown below.

Rename Parameters

Rename as Bolt_Radii, Edit the formula, Enter Bolt_Radii= Bolt_Dia/2. Click Ok to display in Specification Tree.

Edit the formula


Rename length as Shank_Length, Edit the formula, Enter Shank_length=(Bolt_Dia+10mm)*3. Click Ok to display in Specification Tree.

Rename length

Step 9:

Click on Update icon to update the parameter value.

Click on Update icon


Step 10:

Change the Value of the Parameter Bolt_Dia according to that parametric model will be Updated.

Parameter Bolt_Dia


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