Creating Rolling Offset for Open Profile in | CATIA V5 6R 2023

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Creating Rolling Offset for Open Profile in | CATIA V5 6R 2023

In this tech tip, we will guide you through the rolling the process of creating a Rolling Offset for an Open Profile in CATIA V5 6R 2023. Rolling offsets are crucial for designing complex shapes and contours. Furthermore, with the latest version, CATIA V5 6R 2023, this task has become more intuitive and efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned CATIA user or just starting out, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step procedure, making it easy to understand and implement. So, stay tuned for our comprehensive tutorial, ensuring that you master this essential CATIA feature for your design projects.

Please follow the below steps to achieve the required result for Creating Rolling Offset using Open Profiles.

We highly recommend watching our comprehensive tutorial video for rolling offsets. In this video, we demonstrate each of the steps mentioned above, thereby making it even easier for you to grasp and implement this essential CATIA tool.

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Step 1

Open the CATIA Part Rolling Offset.CATPart.

To begin designing or editing 3D models in CATIA, start by opening a specific file called CATIA Part Rolling Offset.CATPart. This file serves as the initial point for your CATIA project. Once you’ve opened it, you can review previous work or embark on creating new elements, such as adding shapes or making adjustments.This marks the initial step in working on your 3D designs.

Step 2

Insert | Wireframe | Rolling Offsets