Corner Treatment for Similar Corners in Large Structure Sheet Metal Design

Corner Treatment for Similar Corners in Large Structure Sheet Metal Design

Corner Treatment for Similar Corners in Large Structure Sheet Metal Design

You can click Group Similar Corners to group similar corners, apply a corner treatment to the group, and edit the groups as required. This is especially helpful for large structure systems that contain multiple corners. Effortlessly streamline your design process, saving time and improving efficiency. Don’t miss out on this valuable insight for your sheet metal and structural design projects!

You can use the part file from the –

Download or Open Corner Treatment Project-2023.SLDPRT File.(May require active subscription)

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Please follow the below steps to achieve the required result efficiently and enhance your large structure sheet metal design-

Corner Treatment for Similar Corners in Large Structure Sheet Metal Design

Step 1:

Click on Corner Management in the Feature Tree to edit the existing treatments. Click on Corner Treatment that Highlights a Simple, Two-member or Complex corner.



Step 2:

Select corner you want group and click on group similar corners. Note the arrows in the graphics area pointing out each corner in the group and when the group is selected, individual corners are listed in the Similar Corners panel. Note that all corners listed must use the same treatment.  



Step 3:

You can right-click a listing here to remove the corner from the group, zoom into a corner, or choose Clear Selections to dissolve the group. 



Step 4:

Click OK to apply corner management.



Step 5:

When we exit Corner Management, we can see that grouped corners are contained in specific folders within the Feature Manager.


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