i GET IT By Tata Technologies: Empowering Engineering Education

i GET IT By Tata Technologies

i GET IT By Tata Technologies: Empowering Engineering Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering, staying abreast of the latest technologies and mastering new skills is not just an asset but a necessity. That’s where i GET IT by Tata Technologies steps in. Designed as a comprehensive online platform, i GET IT is a haven for engineers and industry professionals seeking to upskill and advance their careers in design engineering applications and industry-specific skill sets.

Continual learning is the cornerstone of success in engineering. This blog aims to delve into the manifold advantages of i GET IT and showcase why it stands out among its peers in the realm of online engineering education.

i GET IT By Tata Technologies

In an era where technological prowess shapes the future, the role of adeptly trained engineers and industry professionals cannot be overstated. This need for expertise birthed an ingenious platform—i GET IT, visionary initiative by Tata Technologies.

Tata Technologies, a leader in the realm of innovation and technological advancement, envisions a landscape where the upcoming generation of talent is fortified with not just knowledge, but the precise skills demanded by today’s dynamic industries. Their commitment echoes in their mission—to serve as the ultimate partner, providing not just training but a holistic reservoir of resources and unwavering support.

“At Tata Technologies, we recognize the imperative for businesses to have a conduit that delivers not only relevant training but also the essential resources and guidance,” affirms their statement. Bridging the chasm between academia and industry, Tata Technologies has meticulously crafted an arsenal of upskilling tools, comprehensive courses, and tailored training programs—bearing the hallmark of their extensive manufacturing domain knowledge.

Collaborating seamlessly with esteemed educational institutions, governments, and industry giants, Tata Technologies doesn’t merely impart knowledge; they sculpt the future. They intricately weave a tapestry of skills that resonate with the global manufacturing industry’s demands, thus empowering the next wave of engineers and technicians with the acumen required to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Central to their visionary approach is i GET IT—an innovative digital learning system that isn’t just confined to the hallowed halls of academia but extends its reach to corporations and individuals alike. This proprietary offering is a testament to their dedication to addressing the diverse training requisites of the modern world.

The i GET IT Advantage

At i GET IT, the learning experience is crafted to suit the dynamic needs of learners. Boasting a diverse array of features including video lessons, comprehensive courses, practice projects, and skills assessments, the platform offers a multifaceted approach to learning. What sets i GET IT apart is its flexibility – courses are self-paced, allowing individuals to learn at their convenience without compromising depth or quality.

Dive into the Learning Experience

Let’s take a closer look at the course structure and the range of offerings available at i GET IT. Among the plethora of courses, the platform offers 2000+ courses covering 20+ domain topics, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey. 

We cover all major MCAD/PLM applications and supporting industry skills under one roof

The top 5 coveted programs include:

  1. All-in-one Bundle: A comprehensive package covering a spectrum of engineering disciplines.
  2. Solidworks: Master the ins and outs of this industry-leading 3D design software.
  3. Siemens NX: Dive deep into the functionalities of Siemens NX for advanced design and manufacturing.
  4. CATIA V5: Explore the intricacies of CATIA V5 for product design and development.
  5. Teamcenter: Learn how to efficiently manage product lifecycle data with Teamcenter.

In addition to these courses, i GET IT offers 8+ job role certifications, enabling learners to specialize and excel in specific engineering career paths.

EV Battery Certification Program under ViSiONEV initiative

In the evolving world of engineering and design, staying ahead is non-negotiable. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our latest venture – the Electric Vehicle Battery Certification Program at i GET IT.

  • Empowering Electric Mobility
    Dive deep into the principles of energy storage, unlocking the secrets behind electric mobility. Our comprehensive program delves into various energy storage devices, from lithium-ion batteries to cutting-edge technologies shaping the industry.
  • Mastering Battery Technology
    Become proficient in designing robust battery packs and managing systems effectively with our focus on Battery Management Systems (BMS). Safety and fault diagnosis? We’ve got you covered.
  • Decoding Powertrains
    Compare Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Electric Vehicle (EV) powertrains, emphasizing BMS integration and compliance with international standards. It’s the insight you need for the industry’s fast-paced changes.
  • Real-World Insights
    Theory meets reality with practical case studies and examples, preparing you for the challenges of the electric vehicle industry. Your learning experience is grounded in the complexities you’ll encounter in the field.
  • Future-Ready Careers
    With the world shifting towards sustainable transportation, our Electric Vehicle Battery Certification Program positions you at the forefront. Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel in this transformative industry.

Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

The success stories and testimonials from users who have reaped the benefits of iGETIT speak volumes about the platform’s efficacy.

Course was easy to understand and well informed tutorials on key creo principles. The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained all concepts thoroughly. The projects and other assessments were able to be completed by me thanks to the above-mentioned points. –Aditya Shankar (Student)

The Siemens PLM package which I purchased included Siemens NX with CAD modules as well as Teamcenter PLM modules. Content has depth and every minute details of the tools. The assessments are designed well to review the course understandings. Even the project at the end of modules, help analyze and get practically well versed with content. It’s alot worthy to go through these i GET IT subject wise subscriptions.- Sohail Baig (Senior Engineer)

The course provided immense value and has the potential to benefit thousands of engineers. It was undoubtedly the best investment I made last year, and I am willing to purchase it again should any of my colleagues require it in the future.- Manthan Kamani (Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer)

Why i GET IT Stands Out?

In a competitive landscape, i GET IT shines through its unparalleled content, user-friendly interface, and industry relevance. The platform continually updates its course catalog to align with the ever-changing industry demands, ensuring learners receive the most current and applicable knowledge.

Furthermore, i GET IT offers a unique blend of practicality and theoretical understanding. The emphasis on real-world applications allows learners not only to grasp theoretical concepts but also to apply them in practical scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding.

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The platform’s dedication to learners’ success is evident through its 8+ job role certifications, providing targeted career paths and specialized skill development. This personalized approach distinguishes i GET IT as a platform focused not just on education but on shaping successful engineering careers.

Real-world Applications and Career Advancement

The skills acquired through i GET IT aren’t confined to the digital realm; they directly translate into real-world applications. Engineers equipped with iGET IT certifications possess a competitive edge in the job market, enabling them to contribute effectively in their respective fields.

Engineering courses

Career advancement becomes more tangible with certifications from iGET IT, opening doors to opportunities for growth, promotion, and professional development.

Support and Community

We understand the importance of support in the learning journey. From tutoring to forums, the platform ensures learners receive the assistance they need. Furthermore, fostering a sense of community among learners is paramount. Networking and interaction through forums facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, enriching the learning experience.

Why Choose Us?

i GET IT by Tata Technologies isn’t just another online learning platform; it’s a gateway to mastering engineering skills. With our robust features, industry-specific focus, and dedication to learner success, we stand tall as a beacon of quality education in the engineering domain.

Our platform’s extensive 2000+ range of courses, 8+ job role certifications and coverage of 20+ domain topics makes us a comprehensive hub for engineering education. By offering specialized certifications and personalized learning paths, we ensure that learners not only acquire knowledge but also develop expertise in their chosen fields.

We’re excited to extend a special invitation: a 7-day FREE trial for you to dive into this transformative learning experience. This trial period is your ticket to exploring our extensive collection of courses, immersing yourself in our personalized learning paths firsthand, and getting a firsthand experience of the top-notch education and support that defines i GET IT. It’s an opportunity to sample the depth and quality of our resources, allowing you to make an informed decision about your educational journey with us.
Explore i GET IT today and embark on a journey towards professional excellence!

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